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With thousands of patients worldwide being treated using the Provider IQ decision support system, patients are not only receiving better care, but in combination with new diagnostic testing & clinical trials are living twice as long when compared to traditional care systems. (1)
Provider IQ is the only intelligence architecture for Brain Cancer Research to unify Treatment Management, Diagnostic Imaging, Experimental Pathology, Gene Expression Analysis and "Patient Risk Assessment" tools that leverage 10 Years of Historical Treatment plans.
  Learn how to connect each member of your team with one centralized real-time environment.

ProviderIQ in Action:

Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada use Provider IQ to manage newly diagnosed Brain Tumor patients.

100% HIPAA Compliant, ProviderIQ provides the most comprehensive data management solution for clinical care and translational Brain Cancer research.
In a recent study appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers used ProviderIQ with built-in data screening technology to help show how gene variations can reliably predict which tumors will respond to a specific class of drugs.
Lean how a newly formed Brain Cancer Unit at Kaiser Permentate - Los Angeles used Provider IQ to help become a managed care leader in just 18 months.
Gene Expression Analysis is fast becoming a predictive tool in determining which therapy to give a patient.

See how we helped MD Anderson & Genentech transfer their dormant gene expression data into an online tool all researchers can leverage.

  ProviderIQ Platform Components

100% HIPAA Compliant, ProviderIQ provides the most comprehenisve data management solution for Cancer related dieseases. Improve Clinical Performance. Improve Patient Care. Respond quickly with centralized "Patient Centric" data management.

Clinical Data Management

Patient Scheduling
Medicine Management
Treatment Management
Neurological Exam
General Exam
Tissue Inventory Management
Slide Management
Diagnostic Scoring Tools
Automated Clinical Note Builder
In-depth Pathology with Scope Image Capture
Patient Contacts Information
Referring Physicians
Lab Results
Adverse Events [CTC 3.0]
Past Medical History
Known Allergies

Analytics & Risk Assessment

Real-Time Statistical Patient Risk Assessment
Over 90 Stock Reporting Modules
Location Based Analysis
Clinical Performance over Time
Top Performing Clinicians
"High Grade" Patient Watch Lists
Inpatient Analysis
Top Performing Treatments
Top Referring Physicians
140 Automated Quality Control Reports with Historical Performance Tracking

Real-Time Data Screening Tools

Screen groups based on 1200 different data points
Track Groups based on performance indicators including Overall Survival, Time-To-Tumor Progression, Time-To-Survival
Chart Groups Survival using Real-Time Histograham's and Kaplan-Myer Curve.
Export raw data to excel for futher intergration into your custom reports

Diagnostic Imaging

Uncompressed DICOM Viewing
Image Processing Tools Window Leveling, LUT Pallet Options, Pan, Zoom, Bi-Cubic Scaling
DICOM Upload Upload scans from DICOM compliant CD's
Multi-Frame Tiling
Intergrated Patient Reporting
Calabrating Image Measurement Tools
Multi-Monitor Support
Support for JPEG Compressed
Image Export

  Accelerating the process of new discovery

In a new study, researchers & clinicians used ProviderIQ with built-in data screening technology and molecular diagnostic testing to quickly show how gene variations can reliably predict which tumors will respond to a specific class of drugs. The study appears in the November 10, 2005 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Recent Publications using ProviderIQ

New England Journal
of Medicine Article

[November 10, 2005]

Cancer Research
[1, 2006]

  Commonly Asked Questions

We are always here to answer your questions by phone or email. To help answer some of the more commonly asked questions:
• How is data shared in real-time? Data is stored in a patient centric centralized data center. Intelligent desktop software connects securely to the data center (SSL) and desired results are streamed back to the client according the end-users security clearance.
• Is Provider IQ HIPAA compliant? All products we build, including ProviderIQ are HIPAA compliant. To ensure accountability among users all transactions are reported and monitored in real-time. Additionally, data access can be restricted on a per-data-point access, a per-patient access or a combination of the two.
• Can the Provider IQ platform interact with my existing database or hospital system? Any digital data can be incorporated into the Provider IQ platform. This includes complex HL7 feeds and DICOM Image servers, to simply access and/or excel spreadsheets. As long as the data is in an electronic format, we can build the tools to integrate the data set.
• Can Provider IQ manage clinical trial studies? Several NCI and NABTC clinical trials are currently being managed by Provider IQ. Additionally, our team provides onsite "Audit Support" when the NCI or FDA visit your location to perform an audit.
• Do I have to pay upfront infrasturure costs to make ProviderIQ work in my enterprise? Several models are available to address your needs. Smaller groups my want to rely on our NIH Approved and Audited Hosting Infrastructure (eliminating most start-up costs), while others may wish for us to work with their IT staff to create a dedicated in-house solution. Either way the Provider IQ platform can fill the needs of the largest clinical & research groups.
• Does Provider IQ work for other types of cancers? Provider IQ is a universal translational research model that can easily tackle other cancer types or diseases. Brain Cancer is a complete product, straight out of the box. Other diseases (such as Breast, Lung or Colon Cancers) have the opportunity to customize the software to their specific needs.
• Can I customize the software to fit my specific needs? Customization is available at all levels, whether it be for Brain Cancer or any other type of disease. Our development team has spent the last 8 years working with leading specialists in the field of Brain Cancer, and follow strict guidelines and data dictionaries set forth by the NIH and CTEP.
• What are the typical costs associated this platform?Solution costs come in two basic flavors. Solutions hosted using our HIPAA & NIH approved server infrastructure, and "unmanaged solutions" using infrastructure re-created at your location. Our cost estimator can generally ballpark a typical solution. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible based upon your needs & budget constraints. Focused on building a long term relationship and providing you with the tools to acceleate your research and improve the operational performance of your team. Our company only succeeds if your group succeeds.
• How fast can my group get started? After the initial consultation, most groups are fully operational within 14 days.
• How do you control who can edit/view patient data? Control to data points and patient sets are control by the local administrator or automatically set by rules based library. Additionally, users have the ability to "share-patients" with partnering institutions, allowing for a complete patient file to be instantly made available to other Provider IQ users at partnering institutions.

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